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Dr. Twinkle Gupta Associate Profesor

Research Article International Ayurvedic Medical Journal

Clinical Evaluation of the Role of Tulsi and Turmeric in the Management of Oral Submucous Fibrosis: A Pilot, Prospective Observational Study

Conceptual Study of Sara Pariksha and its Importance: Literary Review

Insomnia- An Increasing Trend in Present Era

Role of Jatamansi in Essential Hypertension

Role of Nasya in Ardita

Role of Rasayana in Rajayakshma

Importance of Ayurvedic Dietics

Ayurvedic Intervention for Viral Hepatitis – A Review

Yogasanas during Pregnancy: Antenatal

Importance of Sesame Oil in Herbal Oil Formulation: A Review Article

Ayurvedic approach towards Obesity – A Review Article

A Review on "A Clinical Approach to Ginger"

Review On Uva-Ursi- A Miracle Herb For Urinary Tract Disorders

Curcuma Longa the Anti-Inflammatory Herb - A Review Article

Dr. Dinesh Gupta Associate Prof.

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